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Shilajit is a naturally occurring plant-based tar from the mountains of Siberia & the Himalayas that has over 85+ natural minerals and rich levels of Fulvic & Humic acid within. Formed over millions of years Shilajit contains practically all of the elements from the periodic table and is empowered by natural antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory & rejuvenating properties.

Shilajit's age-old healing remedies have been around for thousands of years and the ancient peoples speak of the "Ayurvedic" & "Shamanistic" medicines. Shilajit was the core of their wellness, which stems from maintaining a healthy "mind, body and spirit". By optimizing your body you can naturally "Biohack" and upgrade yourself at a cellular level which is said historically can provide incredible benefits.


Take a small pea-sized amount (Roughly 200mg) and place it within water, milk or herbal tea and let it naturally dissolve. This should take no longer than 10 minutes. Stirring speeds up the process. Drink Mountainlife on an empty stomach twice a day, before meals to fully allow the gut to absorb all the Shilajit goodness.


  • Increase to nutrient absorption
  • Raises muscle protein synthesis
  • Aids in skin repair & rejuvenation
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • The natural increase in energy production
  • Boosts Testosterone production in men
  • Supports the immune system & brain health
  • Stabilizieles & regulates hormones in women
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