Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is a fertility herb that is used by both males and females. Tribulus Terrestris is used in various traditional medicines in India and China for more than 3000 years. Tribulus is one among the rare herbs that provides sex benefits to males as well as females. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is widely used in Europe, America and Canada. Researchers in Bulgaria conducted extensive researches on the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. They have carried out several studies to find out how this medicinal herb helps both men and women to improve fertility. Tribulus plant yields fruits that are covered with spines. Since the spines on the fruits are very sharp Tribulus Terrestris is also known as puncture vine. The fruits, leaves and roots of this plant are used for the treatment of various ailments. Tribulus is found effective in curing various kidney ailments such as kidney stones, Bright’s Disease, painful urination and also as a diuretic to facilitate urination. Tribulus is also used in the treatment of various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and scabies. The other diseases that are treated with Tribulus Terrestris are high BP, cholesterol, chest pain, anemia, flatulence, constipation, colic, parasitic worms, swelling of the mouth and throat, diabetes and cancer. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is an effective remedy for various male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, involuntary ejaculation and low sex drive. Females use Tribulus to increase their libido, tone muscles before child birth and to stimulate milk flow. Tribulus provides relief to women from the problems due to menopause. Some people use Tribulus Terrestris to cure hepatitis, gonorrhea, joint pain, leprosy, vertigo, headache, cough and chronic fatigue syndrome. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is also used as an appetizer, tonic, astringent and mood enhancer.

Fertility benefits of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus increases the production of sex hormones in both men and women. While Tribulus increases LH and testosterone in men, it increases serum FSH and estradiol in women. Both men and women experience increase in sexual desire after taking Tribulus Terrestris. For men, Tribulus increases the sperm count as well as motility and improves the health. When infertile women take Tribulus before ovulation, they will have normal ovulation. Tribulus eliminates the effects of antisperm antibodies and facilitates the production of DHEA in male body to treat erectile dysfunction. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris function as an overall fertility tonic to boost the reproductive systems of both men and women.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction using Tribulus

Protodioscin is the prime constituent in Tribulus Terrestris extract that improves fertility of men. Protodioscin enhances the DHEA levels in the male body. The men who have low levels of DHEA in their body will have the problem of poor erection and unsustained erection. The Protodioscin in Tribulus helps to increase the level of natural DHEA in the male body so that they can experience proper erection. The aphrodisiac quality of Tribulus is also attributed to the presence of Protodioscin in it. Men and women who take Tribulus Terrestris will have increased sex drive.

Treatment of antisperm antibodies using Tribulus

In Bulgaria, tablets of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract were given orally to couples with antisperm antibodies. Both the men and women were treated for six months and more than 60% of the women conceived within 6 months. When there are high numbers of antibodies in the sperm it will be too difficult for the sperm to reach the egg and fertilize the egg. Moreover, antibodies damage the surviving sperms thereby causing miscarriage. Tribulus Terrestris extract is found very effective in eliminating the antibodies.

Tribulus for treatment of infertility in women

Women who were not ovulating were given regular doses of Tribulus Terrestris extract for three months continuously. Starting from the 5th day up to the 14th day of their menstrual cycle the women were given 300- 400 mg of Tribulus Terrestris extract per day. After the treatment for 3 months, 67% of the women started to ovulate normally and 6% among them got conceived right away. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris has been found very effective in curing the menstrual irregularities of women. It also improves the timing of the menstrual cycle. Tribulus Terrestris extract is a nourishing tonic for the female reproductive system.

For men and women

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow to the genital parts of men as well as women. This will facilitate improved sexual performance by both the partners. The hormone balancing effects of Tribulus provides relief to women during premenstrual period and menopausal period. Being an anabolic supplement, Tribulus is used by bodybuilders to lower cholesterol levels and increase muscle mass. The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of Tribulus Terrestris make it a suitable remedy for common cold, herpes and influenza.

Safety of Tribulus treatment

There had been no reports about adverse effects in humans who were using Bulgaria Tribulus Terrestris for long term as well as short term. Very few people developed gastrointestinal intolerance after 6 months of regular use. However, as a precaution, pregnant women are advised not to take Tribulus Terrestris. The women who are taking Tribulus to get conceived may take the extract only prior to their ovulation.

Tribulus Terrestris treatment in Eastern Europe

Numerous government-sponsored studies were conducted in Eastern Europe on the effect of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris in the treatment of sexual impotency and physical weakness. The studies revealed that Tribulus Terrestris increases production of androgens including testosterone which plays an important part in increasing libido. Another notable outcome of the research was the stunning performance of the Bulgarian weight lifters in the Olympics, who were taking Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract regularly to improve physical strength and facilitate muscle growth.

Recent researches

Recent studies on Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris reveal that the herb increases testosterone levels in men who were suffering due to low levels of testosterone. The studies also confirm that Tribulus is effective in rejuvenating sperm count. Though Tribulus increases testosterone levels, it will not stimulate the production of testosterone beyond normal physiological levels. It is also established that Tribulus Terrestris has adaptogenic qualities. The herb adapts itself to various requirements of the body. By way of ensuring normal testosterone levels in men, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris contribute to more libido, fertility, improved sexual performance and prostate health. Normal testosterone levels also facilitate muscle development, weight loss, better energy levels, better sleep, stable mood and ability to properly deal with stress.

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