Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is a tiny plant of perennial type which grows in an extensive local habitat that finds the most favorable conditions for its growth in Bulgaria and in some other parts of the south-east Europe. It is a tiny spiky plant with yellow shaded flowers. They are called by various slang names by different people in various areas. In Bulgaria the fruits are called “Babini zabi” which in translation means “Grandmother’s teeth”.


Even though for several centuries this plant is utilized for Indian & Chinese medicinal therapies, from the 1970s, Tribulus Terrestris has become well known. A group of Bulgarians carried out a research in the early part of the 1970s and found out that there is a connection between Tribulus extract consumption and the enhancement of testosterone levels in the infertile men.

Enhancement of stamina

The belief of consuming Tribulus that lead to increased level of testosterone originated after the research of Jeffrey Peterman. In a short span of time the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris become renowned amid the body builders and individuals started utilizing this plant extract to enhance their stamina & libido at their gyms and homes.

Nowadays the Tribulus herb is the most significant component in the several health supplements intended for men’s vigor, wellbeing health & energy.

Sexual disorders

As a flowering plant, Tribulus Terrestris is found in regions across Asia, Europe in the arid and tropical regions. It is believed to enhance the sexual activity, sperm’s volume & excellence in addition to definite fierceness. Since the herb’s major function is to improve the testosterone level, this plant extract is often regarded as a safe, herbal steroid. While the other sex steroids in the long run, is found to be harmful in curing sexual dysfunction, Tribulus Terrestris plant extract is found to increase the testosterone optimal stages and thereby assists in healing and averting the sexual dysfunctions.


This plant extract possess protodioscin which is believed to be the operational agent. According to all researches this herb enhances the level of testosterones, sperm quantity & quality, sex drive, libido, etc.

Fortunately there is a broad customer base which authenticates these assertions. Particularly frequently it is found that after consuming the herb, the user’s erectile functions & libido is found to have increased.