Are you aware of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris? Not many individuals are conscious of this anonymity plant. This plant has its origin in countries like Bulgaria, Turkey, & South Eastern Europe. This herb started to gain fame in the western civilization where it offered enormous assistance to the Bulgarian body builders. This plant extract contains the furostanol saponins active substance, which helps in improving the energy & stamina of the body builder. When people started catching onto this fact, they paid more attention to this herb. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris got instant fame when it was found to cure numerous diseases in both males & females.

Active substances

Furostanol saponins obtained from the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris’ leaves were found to be vigorous components. The extract obtained from Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is utilized to combat impotence, infertility, and low libido in men as well as women.


There are 3 major groups of plant chemicals (Phytochemicals) present in Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, which has numerous utilities. The furostanol saponins – protodioscin, diosgenin and dioscin are accountable for assisting in rectifying the sexual dysfunction and as well as function as hormone balancer in women.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract is obtained from the above-ground parts (called herba) of the plant and is utilized to combat impotence, infertility, and low libido in women as well as in men.

The 2nd group, Sterols assist in healthy prostate promotion.

Ultimately, the 3rd major group are the X steroidal saponins. These furostanol saponins active components assist the immune system to function in a better manner exhibiting anti-bacterial & anti-viral effects among other effects they show.

In what way does this herbal extract function, what is the underlying science in it?

Tribulus Terrestris, in a natural manner helps to boost your body to increase the LH (luteinizing hormone) production. When LH increases the cells present in the ovaries are stimulated and that leads to increased estrogen production. In turn estrogens slow down the appearing and development of menopause symptoms in the female organism, thus preserving the sexual function. Tribulus Terrestris is regarded as a natural alternative to hormone therapy for women. When males have increased LH, it will attach to the receptor & stimulate testosterone synthesis. Testosterone in healthy amounts is essential to the male organism. When it is low, you will experience fatigue, depression, strength loss, sexual dysfunction. Most men are under the impression that this will only happen to elderly people, however testosterone can start to decrease even when a person is in his thirties.

Improved levels of testosterone in a person provide numerous beneficial outcomes, like enhanced sexual stamina. Other significant benefits you can experience from the furostanol saponins are an increase in bone density, fat reduction and overall mood improvement.

Physicians recommend consuming this herb in tableted or encapsulated form along with your daily meals. Moreover, adopting proper exercise regime along with the supplement offers optimal results. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is a much sought-after heath-enhancement product among numerous body builders, as it improves the testosterone level and assists in muscle building. Sperm count, healthy body and athletic performance needs equilibrium of all hormones in the physique and the beneficial Tribulus Terrestris supplement appropriately performs these functions.

Enhancement of Stamina & Strength

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris improves the protein influx from food. Stamina & strength are the vital components of body building and they can be improved by the consumption of Tribulus Terrestris. When compared to other supplements, taking the substance is very much beneficial. Whether you are interested in bodybuilding or not, leading a healthy life is very much essential and Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is regarded as the most excellent herb in preserving the level of hormones in your physique.


The daily dosage of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris can be a little more than 1.2 gms. Some people claim that it must be consumed before going to bed, as during sleep, insulin spikes are produced which in turn leads to the production of testosterone in copious amount. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris’ effects will be minimal for the younger age groups as they naturally possess high levels of testosterone. However if you are above 25 years of age, then you must consider taking this health supplement.