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Tribulsan 500mg *30 Capsules

Tribulsan 500mg is a completely natural non-hormonal herbal product derived from the plant Tribulus terrestris L., Bulgaricum, which contains predominantly saponins of furostanol type (not less than 90% in Tribulsan), with prevailing quantity of protodioscin.

The product is practically non-toxic and has no side effects – no changes of lifestyle required when accepting Tribulsan. Tribulsan is natural and safe.

Tribulsan properties and applications

May be used by recreational athletes.
Appropriate for men and women.
Traditionally used as a natural supplement.
Tribulsan is indicated for use as a single agent or as a component in complex therapies.

Tribulsan’s safety

Special attention should be given to the harmlessness of the natural herbal product Tribulsan.
No evidence of acute, sub-acute and chronic toxicity has been found during the experimental behavioral, hematological, functional, biochemical and morphological studies.
Absence of carcinogenic and teratogenic effect.
No adverse effects were noted in any of the clinical studies and additional research demonstrated no adverse effects.
Tribulsan has been used with no contraindications, no toxicity and no side effects. With its good safety profile and its natural herbal origin, Tribulsan is sold as a dietary supplement in many countries with little restriction on its use.


One Capsules contains 500 mg dry extract of Tribulus terrestris L. (not less than 90% furostanol saponins)


  • Reproductive system of Males and Females
  • In Proffesional sports and for Recreational athletes
  • Traditionally used to enhance vigor, vitality and stamina
  • Tribulsan is indicated for use as a single agent or as a component in complex therapies.
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